Raft tours

At open lake season we raft near Tampere's city centre,
Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi.

Raft operate in Näsijärvi from port of Mustalahti to
different targets and we can even sail to cottage dock
or many other common docks.

You can pre-order small lakecourses to see Tampere
and siilinkari and many other routes.

In Pyhäjärvi raft can sail to Nokia's spa and many
other targets.

Both lakes have unobstructed dock
where everyone can get in from!

We can get in up to seven people at one go
and also bikes, rollators, baby carriage and many
kind of helping equipments too.

Animalfriends are also welcome to sail!
Please notice you have to get life jacket to your
dog by yourself.