Fishing tours

Our fishing tours can hold up to 6 people and last for up to 7 hours.

Price for fishing tour with ferry is 495 €, including tax

Year 2019 new boat for guided fishing tours is Finval 555 Fishpro with Mercury 115 PRO XS motor. Get your own fishing tour now!

Our fishing tours with boat hold up to 4 people and last up to 7 hours.

Price for fishing tour with boat is 495 €, including tax

In addition to the guide's services, all trips include a fishing ferry or boat and fuel,
liability insurance, fishing gear, rainwear and wind protection if necessary,
safety equipment and drinks on board (soda, juice and water).

We process the possible catch so you can take it home with you.
Fishing management fees (fishing permits) are not included in our excursions,
but we can get it ready for you, if needed.

During the day, we can also enjoy small lunch on the ferry.
Packed lunch and meals by different order in raft or shore

The length of the tours can also be arranged according to your wishes,
either shorter or longer.

Perch fishing is fun and the catch is available
with all kinds of fishing methods!

We are fishing perch by:
- bait fishing
- jigging
- trolling
- ice fishing
- fishing with worm

The perch thrives in the packs and finding a good
pack of fishes often gives you a great fishing experience!

The perch is also one of our most popular catch and
it's perfect for a dinner table when properly processed.

We will be tracking pike-perch the whole open water season
using different jig methods depending on the time of the year.

We are fishing pike-perch by:
- jigging
- trolling

We fish pike-perch often with jigs, in summer evenings
and nights, also by trolling in July and August.

As a perciform, the pike-pearch also thrives in the flocks
and can grow to a few kilograms. The biggest fishes we
fall back in lake order to secure a sustainable fish stock.

By fishing pike we find the right way and technics
of fishing pike and to aim its biggest catch!

We are fishing pike by:
- spinning
- trolling
- jigging

Pike is a predatory fish and popular fish around the year. It gives wonderful experience among fishing by being a fighter. Big individuals give best experience at the end of the line and that's why we let the biggest ones back in water to protect lasting fish stock.

In January-February it's time for burbot ice fishing and now
you can learn more about it with guide!

In the dark of evening coffee and packed lunch taste better.

Always make sure of icesituation before going on an ice,
especially during dark!

When going on guided trip everything
has been noticed already.

Winter is time for ice fishing!

Fishingtrips of winter and for example ice fishing
competition works out best with help of guide.

With guide it's safety to go on ice. Secrets of ice fishing
are nice to get to know during the lighter part of day too.

We can go on a traditional ice fishing tour, where we will
drill our own hole in ice for each one and start to aim catch.

Also get to know pike hooks and fishing with net during
winter is possible with guide.