Guided nature and wildlife tours

Our guided nature and wildlife tours always include packed meal:
bread / campfiresausage, juice / water, sootpancoffee or thermoscoffee.

From order we can prepare also soups, stickbuns and other campfiredishes.

Campfiredishes and making open fire are always dependent of circumstances,
just as forest fire risk, storm or heavy rain. Many trip targets have a chance of
execute everything safely in places pointed for them.

Up to 20 people can be included in trip.
Lenght of trip depends on the spot.

Through us you can ask different nature experiences in Nokia, Hämeenkyrö,
Tampere, the scenery of Seitseminen National Park and National Park of Helvetinjärvi,
nature conservation area of Ruutana, ancient riverbed of Intianlahti.

From the city centre of Tampere we can also get to Kauppi, nature conservation
area of Kintulammi and to adore nature Niihamaa.

We are offering trips from small walks to hikes.

Sheltering and services at seitseminen and neighbouring areas is
served by Seitsemisen torpat and Särkilammi's berryfarm.

It's easy to go get acquainted with National park from both places,
either by yourself or with guide.

Knuutila's manor is hosting sheltering in Nokia where you can get
acquintanted of Nokia's nature, for example ancient riverbed right
near manor or ruutana's sanctuary.

Tripspots and finished trips are going to be focused during spring.
Activities are year-round of course and we sort trips and activities in
nature for bigger groups too if ordered.

You can get more info for these routes from guide or manor, you can
also order guided turn to spots which includes sootpancoffee with packed meals!